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Protection for your cherished classic vehicles.

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Your Special Cars Need Special Car Insurance

Heart Insurance might be a woman owned business, but we love cars! New vehicles are awesome, but you have to love the innovation, creativity, and staying power of the antiques and classics.

Men and women alike enjoy the freedom, power, and strength of the old cars. Classic cars answer our calling for adventure and timeless aesthetic, and protecting them for you gives us joy! We love to insure the stories associated with the cherished vehicles you love.

It’s okay to boast about your cars at Heart Insurance Group! We want all the details, so we can provide you with amazing coverage, rates that are up to 45% cheaper than going with a standard company, and flexible usage. We know your cars are special, and they need excellent policies to reflect that.

Take Extra Special Care with Our Cherish Program

Heart Insurance Group offers the Cherish Program for classic car owners. Should the worst happen and your classic car gets totaled, not only does this program provide insurance payout, but it allows you to keep your car, no matter what shape it is in. We know that these cars often have special memories attached to them, and losing them forever isn’t something we want any of our clients to experience.

Another feature of our Cherish Program involves towing. If you ever need to tow your classic car for any reason, this program only sends towing companies that use flatbed trucks and soft straps. Our clients can rest assured knowing that their classic cars are being handled with as much care as possible.

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